Friday, June 11, 2010

The sweeet smell of privet

Aaaaaahhhh. I've been breathing deep all week long hoping to catch the scent of privet in the air. I didn't have to look hard — it seems to be everywhere and at its peak.

I only discovered this scent a few years ago when I moved to the east end of Long Island. Driving down the country roads in late spring — yes, there are still country roads on parts of Long Island — the air is often thick with the sweet, flowery scent. The Hamptons are famous for privet — there it marks status and is often used to build huge towering fortresses of privacy. Here in Ann Arbor, you may have to smell for it but its abundant in a much less formal way.

I found this privet hedge on Miller and it led me to this most wonderful tree in the yard behind.

These photos don't do this tree justice. It is the perfect hideaway fort. Or setting for a private, twinkling candlelit midsummer dinner … dreamy!


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  2. Thanks, Joven — so do you!