Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Five States, Seven Days = Twelve Tacos

Whewie! What a whirlwind. At last, at last — I'm back with a little recap of my road trip to Austin with the lovely Courtney Fischer for the Renegade Craft Fair last weekend. We had an absolute blast, met some terrifically fun people, logged an awful lot of miles on the old Crafter-wagon, saw some fantastic live music, spent some quality porch time Southern style, laughed a lot and, of course, ate some amazing food… 

Our first stop was lunch at Hillbilly Tea in Louisville, Kentucky for a super, home-y meal with house made sassafras soda and—what else—road kill stew with a side of corn pone. Ridiculously good food. I wanted everything on the menu. Thank you Designtripper for that tasty tip!

Another lunch time stop in Dallas at Cowboy Chow. Really fun atmosphere — I love the windmill as light fixture idea! That inset is a fried green tomato lollipop. Yup, that's right. It came with a side of house made ranch that was without a doubt the best ranch I've ever had. All for $1. Yowza. They also served watermelon iced tea — try it! Amaaaazing. Like a jolly rancher in your tea, only more subtle.

Here's a glimpse of Austin — in the rain. They kept telling is it never rains… but it did … and then it did some more. But we certainly didn't let that stop us and went on a great thrifting outing… followed by some delish swank cocktails at the Driskill

Uncommon Objects on South Congress in Austin: This store is the absolute mecca of thrift/vintage. You are not allowed to take photos inside and thank goodness, because that would have easily added three hours to this stop. Every inch of the place is perfectly curated. Whether organized by color or theme or object type, every little nook and cranny is jam-packed with gobs of good stuff. And then more stuff. I'm in awe.

And how about this tee? Michigan is everywhere! And… just in case you tuned in for a glimpse of Renegade Austin, a tiny little look at the show:

The amazing Dowdy Studio Wagon. Love, love, love. Bought, bought, bought.

 How's this for a make-and-take set up outside an Airstream?!

Some of the local fashion plates with Public School Portraits going in style in the background.

And here is the combined booth of Sloe Gin Fizz and Courtney Fischer. Whew! That's it, folks. Great trip, huh?! What? No pictures of tacos? I swear I ate twelve of them.