Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Sewing Party illustrations

One of the biggest illustration projects I worked on in 2014 was a live, online event called The Sewing Party. Created by Singer Sewing Machines and SVP Worldwide, the event was a day of learning and live classes lead by bloggers and educators from across the country. I got to think about my dream craft room scenario and draw it a hundred different ways, explore all kinds of crafty sewing imagery and work with some amazing people in the craft community. I couldn't reveal much of this work during the process, so I'm thrilled to post it all together here at last. It all began with the logo and included so much more. All of the environments attendees visited on the site:

The landing page of the event site

 The Classroom
The Lounge

The Library

I worked with ten sponsors to create custom booths for the Marketplace:

Embroidery Software

As well as three generic booths for other Marketplace sponsors:

There was also this fun t-shirt that is still available on the site.

What better project could a crafty illustrator gal like myself ask for?!?