Monday, June 07, 2010

The Circus of Life

Hello all! I had a longer post in the works for you today, but with Blogger acting up and it now being early evening, I think I will share this lovely gem with you and save the longer post for tomorrow.

Chicalookate recycled card catalog card notepad: The Circus of Life

I have been looking for a little notepad to keep in the car. On Sunday, I accidentally found myself wandering through the Ann Arbor Artisan Market and stopped to visit with the lovely Kate of Chicalookate. She is the master of repurposing the wonderful and unique into the newly
wonderful and unique. While we were chatting, I glanced down and the little beauty above just jumped out at me. It is a notepad made from a card catalog card (is that how you say such things?) for a book called La Cirque de la Vie, by Claire Goll. I'm pretty sure this means the Circus of Life — and even if it doesn't, that's what I will think of it as. How could I resist a Circus of Life notepad?!? (Plus she's selling them for a song. Tsk, tsk, dear Kate.) Check out her shop filled with recycled kitschy goodness!

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  1. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Yay! I meant to ask which one you picked. This was one of my favorites. :)