Friday, December 03, 2010

2011 Illustrated calendar

Twelve months of illustrated goodness is in the shop now! I'm very excited about this one. I've been wanting to do a calendar for several years now, and finally made 2011 the year. So here it is… printed on bright white linen card stock and secured with kitchen twine (to remind you of me in the kitchen!) 

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Handmade ornaments with Blue House

After a busy craft show day Saturday, I was so happy to spend Sunday at the Blue House for an afternoon of festive ornament-making. There was a lovely group of about fifteen people participating, and with warm beverages in our hands and soothing music on the speakers we set to work on a variety of ornaments. They are all quite easy projects that you probably have the materials on hand for at home, many of them taking advantage of recycled/upcycled materials. I didn't try my hand at each, but these pictures are of the ones I made. Above left is a little bird made from bits of felted sweater and button eyes. He even sits on a twig branch, though that is camouflaged in this photo.  You could make these in any shape you want. I plan to make a few stars next.  
Next, is a very simplified ball ornament based on Japanese temari balls. These are usually ribbon and yarn wrapped around a styrofoam ball in very ornate patterns. We simplified the process and simply wrapped wadded up newspaper with yarn and stitched into it. You can adorn them any way you'd like — Siobhan, Blue House's owner, added an appliqued bird to hers. So cute.
Next we made paint chip orbs based on those from ReadyMadeI added some decoration by punching holes all over, and after it was assembled, Siobhan suggested using the ones with holes as shades for Christmas lights — how fun and easy! We used fewer sides in these, but when I got home I tried making one with the full 20 sides and loved how it looks. I used my stack of misprints as material and may have some of these on sale at DUCF this weekend. 
That's the beauty of Blue House — you often come away with new ideas that you can easily recreate at home from recycled materials. I wish I could show you how festive and sweet the decorations are there right now, but my camera went on the fritz that day.  Beyond the ornaments I came away with so many simple yet beautiful ideas I can't wait to try. Really, if you're near you should stop by and be inspired. And if not, keep on coming back here and I will share with you what I see and try!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flint Handmade

Hello! I spent a great day in Flint this past weekend for the Flint Handmade Holiday Craft Market. Thanks to everyone who made it out — and if you couldn't get there, here's a peak. 
I got to admire a whole crew of monstas all day long with Frankenstitch Productions across the aisle from me. Stephanie is one talented lady with an incredible imagination. We traded and now Jungle Gym Jane and Nelson Sloth have a new home here in Ann Arbor. Aren't they sweet. Jane's head and tail wobble like crazy making her a really fun dancer. 
You might have noticed, too, that new little box to your right. I'm getting all fancy and started a real mailing list. I hope to send updates monthly, including special deals and discounts for subscribers. So give it a shot, join the list. And for those of you in the area, I look forward to seeing you at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair this Saturday and Sunday at the Fillmore!