Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Dreamy, lazy, idle

via SF Girl by Bay
Dreamy lazy, idle summer. That's how it should be. Fireflies, starry nights, cooling waters. You have been—and most likely will be—seeing a little bit less of me around these parts for the summer. Is it because I am just soooo busy and scurrying? Sometimes it feels that way, but I am trying to feel less so because that's more about a state of mind and an environment you create and perpetuate. Instead, I want to truly enjoy summer and take time to be idle. Am I thinking about you? Yes. But I may be doing so while swinging my feet over the edge of a dock or rocking lazily in a hammock. I hope you find time to do some of that, too. 

This article in the New York Times is permanently locked into my open tabs, so I can skim and be reminded to escape the busy trap. And now I'm off to the hammock with this book under my arm.