Monday, December 20, 2010

That crazy, busy festive time of year

Whew! Big sigh. This weekend was my last craft show of the season — the MittenMade Holiday Craft Show at the Blue House Ann Arbor. I was thankful that it was close to home and so happy to see so many familiar faces. It felt like the bestest ever holiday party! 
I'm sorry I never did get to that soup recipe I mentioned last  week — it's a delicious Chicken Tortilla Soup from the Common Grill cookbook, but I just ran out of time. And now it will have to wait until at least next week, if not the new year. … I'm slowly climbing out of the pit that my office has become and will be back more regularly in the new year when things quiet down a little and leave me time for some serious cooking! The photo above is the current state of my work space. In the midst of all these shows and making, I got the new table seen above — over 9-feet long — that is crammed in the middle of everything. I haven't had time to clear out my old desk to make room, so it just went in the middle of it all and got piled on. So digging out isn't really even an exaggeration. Ah well… I'm very excited for the new huge work surface and it will all fall into place soon enough. 

I will try to post one more time this week before we head south to North Carolina for Christmas — thinking of you all and hope you're enjoying your holiday preparations!