Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Balcony Garden update 06.15.10

balcony garden poppyI love this photo — it epitomizes our little balcony garden. One lovely delicate poppy framed by the concrete floor. The garden is going like gangbusters — I'm so happy with it. We learned a lot last year and have had some happy accidents along the way.

balcony garden basil and nasturtiumMy resident basil farmer is very pleased with this year's crop (left) — even while we're still eating pesto from last year! The spinach we grew was very short-lived, so I pulled the stalks that were already going to seed and threw some nasturtium seeds (right) into the box where it had been. They're one of my favorites and I can't wait for the blooms.

Balcony Garden tomatoThe tomato plants are lookin' good…

Balcony garden carrots and scallionsCarrots and scallions are just about ready…

Balcony garden lettuce and peasThe lettuce is a heat-tolerant variety and just keeps on coming! And the peas…

Balcony garden peasBalcony garden peas
Oh yes, the peas. Last year I harvested exactly eight pea pods. 8. I saved most of them to plant again this year and it's an entirely different story this go round. We are in pea-city! I've been battling a little powdery mildew, but the peas keep on coming!


  1. You are amazing to have that crop on your balcony! I am bringing you over here to work your magic in my garden! :) xo - Pam

  2. Thanks, Pam! That's what my neighbors say, except instead of "amazing," they might say "crazy!"