Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quick update: Grand Rapids and new prints

I've just come from doing battle with scale on my rosemary plant — boooo! We brought a bunch of the herbs inside for the winter and very quickly both aphids and scale emerged. Of course, I didn't notice until it reached infestation proportions. So I spent way too much time this morning swabbing every surface of the rosemary with rubbing alcohol. Argh. Not an easy task. And now I feel like I'm crawling with scales.

Anyway… back from Grand Rapids. Lots of fun! I loved exploring Wealthy Street — it has so many great little places to explore and feels very urban. I also had a chance to run out to Grand Haven (above photo) and see a piece of Lake Michigan — gorgeous! It really is like looking out at the ocean, though without the saltiness in the air and on your lips. The show there was lots of fun, too, and I had some request for more colors for my Wellington boot, so here they are… my favorite is the polka dots. All to be added to the shop soon, soon!