Saturday, February 07, 2009

Asian market adventure

I have been on a hunt for tamarind paste for a few weeks now. Not a kitchen essential, but there are a couple of recipes I have that use it, including Pad Thai. So last night I had the chance to explore one of the best Asian markets I've ever been to: Huaxing Asia Market in Ypsilanti. I love all the bright colors! I had no idea there would be so many great markets like this here. I looked online and can't wait to check out the others. There were MANY things I had never seen before -- and without being snotty, I used to live not far from NY's Chinatown so I thought I had seen some unusual Asian produce and products.

They have a whole row of fish ball freezer cases:

I did not buy these. There is a separate room for produce with a lot of veggies I've never seen before, including this one:

And one that looks like grass that I've seen before, but still don't know what it is:

Lucky for me, most of the labels have an English translation on them, but this was missing one. They also have all kinds of tanks with live fish, turtles and eels. Here's a box of blue claws being unloaded:
What a great find — I can't wait to go back. Look for a post with the pad thai recipe if it's good!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Two for you, one for me

After quite a frenzy of holiday knitting, I had to put down the needles cuz I'd had enough. But after a month's hiatus (other than some sweater finishing), I'm back at it and happy to say that I'm knitting something for myself. It feels like it's been a while since I did that — not through great acts of selflessness, but rather budget-conscious gift-giving efforts! My mom gave me some beautiful blue Blue Sky Alpaca yarn for Christmas that I'm finally putting to use to make a 78" (yes, that's right!) leaf pattern scarf on big ole size 15 needles. You can see the start of it above.

Back on track

Hi all,
Just started a part-time job at an outdoor gear shop, hence the lack of posts this week. Jumped right into it without a clear schedule, but now I'm getting back on track and figuring out a routine. Look for more later today…

Monday, February 02, 2009

Made with love

The only thing missing from my completed sweater (see post below) is a label! Just found this post and know now that it must be added!

6 days to knit, 60 to finish

For those of you following along at home and wondering whatever happened with that lovely Morehouse wool I posted about back in December, here is the answer: In my frenzy to finish the sweater for the boy by Christmas (the Berkshire sweater from Weekend Knitting), I did the knitting in 6 days flat. It's such thick beautiful wool that it went really fast. But then I had so many other gifts to finish, that I never did the real "finishing." I wrapped it up under the tree with loose ends hanging everywhere (shameful, I know!) And then, sadly, yet predictably, it took over a full month (ok, not 60 days) to get back to it. But yesterday -- I finally wove in all those ends, fixed the sleeve that was too long and voila! It's done. My first sweater!