Friday, February 03, 2012

Magical vintage finds

Do you see the magic? Do you? It's there… So this is the "before" photo, or maybe a "middle of the way" photo. I recently found that little table on the left (aka "the magic") and decided it would make the perfect little entry bench.

Get this: It's a fold-up picnic table. Can you imagine that picnic?! I'm sure it would involve flowing floral skirts, champagne flutes and maybe a few actual flutes. And yet, it's actually quite sturdy. 

The plan is to sew a gorgeous cord-trimmed boxed cushion to fit neatly on top of the wee bench née picnic table. I'm thinking a white background with stunning yellow print that I may design and print myself (hello, ambition!) The chair is one of four I picked up ages ago and always meant to paint. Now I really mean to paint it. 

Something like this. I haven't recovered from this yellow discovery yet. This is the vision. The chair shall be this stunning shiny happy color with a coordinated cushion to the left. I can't wait. 

As an aside — I found these two beauties on the same trip. Jackpot! The side table on the left is from a cabin on the UP and the crate is going to be turned upright and fitted with some kind of metals legs that I will one day magically discover (I imagine something similar to the legs on the little green table, though maybe they will be hairpin legs). Stay tuned!