Friday, February 15, 2013

Shop local: The Artisan's Bench

Whew! It's Friday afternoon and what a week. It started with a project I've been itching to tell you about and now finally can. The installation is complete of a large display of my work at my favorite hometown store: The Artisan's Bench in Brighton. 

Owner Colin Miller took over the space from his parents a couple of years ago and has been slowly transforming it from a rug gallery to a gallery focusing on Michigan-made art, objects and more. (All while continuing to stock an amazing selection of gorgeous rugs.)

Colin had this wood and metal display custom built for the shop. Though I caught quite a bit of glare in this photo, it gives you a good sense of the impact of the piece when you walk in the door—not to mention a good sense of Colin's aesthetic sensibilities. Amazing! 

Katie, a recent graduate from CCS who works with Colin, has a wonderful eye and tackled the installation once I delivered all the pieces. I could not be happier to be in such capable hands.

If you're in the area, stop in and have a look around. I have a hard time not walking out with something new every time I visit, but it's so nice to have a local spot where I can go to support other local artists. Thanks so much to Colin and Katie for including my work in the mix and doing such a phenomenal job on the display. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Eight Emperors

Before we bought our house, the boy and I lived in a borderline seedy apartment complex in Ann Arbor. What it lacked in physical charm, however, it made up for in neighbors. We jokingly referred to it as Melrose Place. Very jokingly. Two of the most creative of our neighbors—Thea Augustina Eck and Matthew Shlian—recently launched Eight Emperors, a new art and design collection featuring small objects of paper and wood.

"Objects that instill a sense of wonder." Yes, indeed. Everything about this endeavor speaks to clean, simple elegance. From the sleek, sphoisticated black-and-white logo and web design to the thoughtful, handmade beautifully-crafted objects they make and sell, Matthew and Thea got it right.

Eight Emperors just announced the launch of their affordable art subscriptions series. For just $200 plus shipping, you receive a new art and design object quarterly delivered right to your door. The series will include objects in paper, wood, ceramic and a collaboration piece combining paper and wood.

I'm especially drawn to the wood objects referencing water: sails, whales, anchors. Mmmm. These are objects you want to pick up, hold, feel the weight of in your hand. I'm so excited for these local artists and can't wait to see their collection grow and evolve.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Book Business Tuesday: Phantom Limb

Phantom Limb: The Stuff You're Missing. And how! I am loving the new items listed in Stephanie Tardy Duimstra's Etsy shop, the Phantom Limb. She's gone all out with cute map, graph paper and lead pencil styling to highlight her line of eco-friendly journals and recycled paper goods. 

I'm especially drawn to the greeting cards made with maps. Stephanie must have an amazing stash of papers: old ledger sheets, penmanship learning sheets … where does she find this stuff?! It's pure gold.

I've seen Stephanie's journals, cards and more in person many times and can tell you that they are impeccably crafted. I think I may have to head over right now and fill my shopping cart!

Monday, February 11, 2013


Come feel the love at the upcoming VLNTNSDY MRKT! (No vowels allowed.) This Thursday,  from noon to 7 p.m., I'll be joining an amazing group of vendors at the future home of pot & box Detroit. Located on Michigan Avenue just past Roosevelt Park, the site is an old gas station and is sure to be decked out with pot & box pizazz and charm. Come on down for all your heart, love, flower, food, art, festivities needs. You can RSVP and see the full list of vendors and other details over on the Facebook event page.