Monday, May 16, 2011

New work, road trippin' and food to go!

I'm in the final hours of prepping to hit the road for the Austin Renegade Craft Fair. I always go into a last-minute frenzy where I'm cranking out new designs right before a big show. This one was no different and I have several new designs to share. Above is Rex the Reading Dog (if you follow along on Facebook, you've already seen a glimpse of him!) and below, is my Cloud Mobile. I also have some new stickers and a couple of other tricks up my sleeve, but you'll have to either be patient until I return — or if you're in the area, stop on by the show in Austin this Saturday and Sunday.

You won't hear much from me on the blog while I'm away, but I hope to give regular updates via Facebook and Twitter, so join me there if you haven't already! Courtney Fischer and I will be seeing the sites along the way from Michigan to Louisville to Nashville and Memphis to Hot Springs, Arkansas right on down to Austin, Texas. We've got a couple of days to explore when we get there and I am just busting with excitement!

While I'm gone, I encourage you to check out Mark's Carts, the new food cart court right behind Downtown Home and Garden in Ann Arbor. I went twice last week and can't wait for more. The food is amazing, the people are kind and the atmosphere is hip. Go now!!!

That's it for now, peoples! See you back here May 25 or 26 with news from the Deep South — Yeehaw!!