Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DIYpsi views

A bit overdue, but here is a look back at DIYpsi from a couple of weeks past. It was a great indie art fair at the Corner Brewery mid-December and drew many familiar faces, both behind and in front of the tables! It was an intensely cold weekend, but the skies were clear and blue and the mood was festive. The top photo shows one of Cre Fuller's amazing Tin Angry Men.

Deets was there with this happy fellow and Nests was just behind me with her perfectly curated vignettes like this little chair.

Chuppy Love was as sweet as ever. Just look at those lil' faces.

It was so great to meet Andy, aka  The Foraging Florist, who makes amazing petri dish wonderlands,  beautifully crafted wreathes and more. 

And it was just perfect rounding out the show season with the Dang Argyle as my neighbor again — hooray for crafty pals!

And a little look at my setup that day. That's it for now, folks! Hope you are enjoying a quiet week of relaxation — I know that's my plan!