Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Eight Emperors

Before we bought our house, the boy and I lived in a borderline seedy apartment complex in Ann Arbor. What it lacked in physical charm, however, it made up for in neighbors. We jokingly referred to it as Melrose Place. Very jokingly. Two of the most creative of our neighbors—Thea Augustina Eck and Matthew Shlian—recently launched Eight Emperors, a new art and design collection featuring small objects of paper and wood.

"Objects that instill a sense of wonder." Yes, indeed. Everything about this endeavor speaks to clean, simple elegance. From the sleek, sphoisticated black-and-white logo and web design to the thoughtful, handmade beautifully-crafted objects they make and sell, Matthew and Thea got it right.

Eight Emperors just announced the launch of their affordable art subscriptions series. For just $200 plus shipping, you receive a new art and design object quarterly delivered right to your door. The series will include objects in paper, wood, ceramic and a collaboration piece combining paper and wood.

I'm especially drawn to the wood objects referencing water: sails, whales, anchors. Mmmm. These are objects you want to pick up, hold, feel the weight of in your hand. I'm so excited for these local artists and can't wait to see their collection grow and evolve.

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