Monday, February 25, 2013

Home project: New door

Tada! I've been hinting at it on Facebook and showing little peaks on Instagram, but now the boy and I finally have a new rolling door hanging and ready to show you. It was a new year's post last year where I first showed you some of the inspiration shots I had pinned on my Home board on Pinterest for a sliding barn door type thing between our living room and bedroom.

We had switched some doors around so that we no longer had the split louvered doors seen above (from inside the bedroom) ... but still wanted something a little more fun and that would gain us some floor space in the bedroom.

If you've researched the hardware for these things, you know that they are pricey. More than we wanted to spend. So the boy found a local welder who agreed to fabricate it for us. He did a great job, we supported a local guy and saved a little bit of cash. 

Next up, we bought cheap lumber (since we were painting it anyway) and the boy built the door itself. Here's a look at it while we figured out the hanging scenario. Because of the uneven lines of the logs, nothing appears level even when the equipment is telling you it is. Constant refrain: "Are you sure?"  

And here's it is open and closed -- it slides right over the bookcase. I debated with myself over the color for ages. Bright school bus yellow? Dusky blue? Charcoal grey? I am really happy with this lovely blue-grey shade we settled on: Benjamin Moore's New Born's Eyes (cheeseball, much?!). It really pulls the room together nicely.

We still have to pick out hardware but that's just the icing. Hooray for DIY! We're at work on a kitchen floor project, so stay tuned for that one (it could be a few months yet!)


  1. OH how lovely- love the color!!

  2. I absolutely love the sliding door idea you have utilized there, as well as your library location! Replacing that dreary old off colored white door that seems to have aged quite a bit was an excellent choice, and for some reason, I just love the blue color you went with on the new one. It really ties the room together in a way I just cannot quite pinpoint, but it's perfect!

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock

    1. Thanks so much, Earl! It's been a couple of years now and we still love the door so much.