Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book Business Tuesday: Covers

I am as much a fan of book cover design as I am of books themselves. From the legendary larger-than-life Chip Kidd (whom I heard speak at a design conference once and think of as the David Sedaris of the book design world) to Barbara deWilde and Carol Devine Carson, from Gabriele Wilson to my favorite designer of all, Roberto de Vicq Cumptich, I love to flip to the inside of the back cover flap and see who is responsible. I thought for this week's Book Business, I'd show you some of the covers I've been pinning. At the bottom of the post are a few links to interesting book-related sites, blogs and articles. Enjoy! 

• The Book Cover Archive

• The New York Times Favorite Book Covers of 2012

• The Casual Optimist: A blog about books, book design, book culture and publishing.

• Judging Books by their Covers 2013: U.S. vs. UK

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