Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kids Art Fair

Every year on the Monday night before the start of the Ann Arbor Art Fair, the original Street Fair team puts on the Townie Street Party with live music, food drinks and free hands-on art activities to get the locals in the spirit of the fair. One of the highlights of the Townie Party is the Kids Art Fair. Young artists in grades 1 through 8 from across the county work for months to put together displays and art for the fair. The level of professionalism was incredible this year and I was extremely impressed. I was a bad blogger, forgot my camera and didn't even get the artist's name, but I purchased the above origami piece from a sweet young girl who makes magic with paper.  

This next item is a calendar created by Ella Markley. I met Ella a while back at Blue House where she had seen the 2011 calendar I designed. Her version is so well-executed and thoughtful -- great things are in store for this budding artist!

She got all the details right from the Lollipop Designs name to the themed drawings for each month. My particular favorites are the mailbox overflowing with love letters in February and the two girls -- Ella and her best friend -- watching the fireworks in July.

If you didn't make it to this year's Townie Party, don't miss next year to see the next round of Kids art! You're sure to be inspired.


  1. so impressive!! what a neat event!

  2. I love your finds! That calendar is terrific. I really missed out on these fine young artists.

  3. Agreed! Fully. Kids amaze me.