Monday, July 18, 2011

Crafter Love from Chatty Crafty!

Hello! The boy and I are still in between spaces and shuttling boxes between our apartment and the new place, so my blogging schedule is a bit off — not to mention I haven't cooked a thing in ages! But we're slowly getting there and I hope to be back on track soon with new recipes from a new kitchen and new creative endeavors. In the meantime, a long overdue look at two vendors I was introduced to at Chatty Crafty back in June. The collection of vendors at this show was just stellar. I just loved the booth of Let's Be Friends (above and below).
The creative mastermind behind Let's Be Friends is Felicia and she has such a great eye for creating an environment for her critters. Look at the emotion she manages from that sewed fellow up top — love!

The other booth I swooned over was Ophelia Terrariums. I'm a sucker for the recent explosion of terrarium happiness, but these gals are over the top. There is such detail in each one — a variety of earth layers in different colors, a wide range of plants and plenty of little people and animals and scenes to adore. The images below are all from the super-talented Shashank Shrestha who volunteered his time and energies to take hundreds of remarkable photos at the show.


  1. wow, that is a fantastic-looking booth! i really like her use of streamers.

  2. She talked to me about a couple other ideas she had for her booth -- I won't reveal because when she does it, I hope to be aournd to take photos and it will be stunning! She is one crafty creative chica!