Friday, June 10, 2011

Picnics, petals and planes

Happy Friday, lovelies. This is just a quick little shout out before I pack up the car and head out today for the Indieana Handicraft Exchange in Indianapolis tomorrow. It was a wee bit late in the day so you might have missed it, but I posted a new Eye Candy over on the Blue House blog yesterday.  The theme was picnic and that is something I am looking forward to many of this summer!

Last week, I had the pleasure of doing an interview with Brianne from Petal + Handmade = Love. She has a feature called "Who Is Art" and asks really thoughtful questions. It was fun to reflect on things a bit. You can read it here.

You may think I haven't been thinking of you with these long lapses between posts, but I have — really.  I took this photo for you on my way home from work yesterday. See? It was just such a funny thing to see lying by the side of the road — I thought you would enjoy it. I will get back to posting more regularly soon… there is light at the end of my overscheduled schedule and I am determined to slow down a bit and enjoy this summer. I hope you'll be here with me! And now, I'm off to the kitchen for a little quick baking. I'll have a recipe for you next week!

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