Monday, April 18, 2011

The City of Bridges

Hello Monday! It snowed all morning here and actually stuck to the dang ground. Can you believe it? There's a good inch and a half coating the pert little daffodils and other early bloomers. all around the neighborhood. All this after a weekend spent in a city where the flowering trees were already in bloom and the temperatures were in the lovely balmy mid-60s when I left yesterday. Ah well, it makes it feel pretty cozy inside today! 

I spent the weekend in Pittsburgh for the Handmade Arcade and had a blast. The city had such a great feel to it and the show was fantastically well-run with a really great turnout. And—to top it all off—I got to spend some quality time hanging out with two super-sweet, extremely talented crafty gals: Sarah of Hip to Piece Squares and Amie of Enamor and Enamor Weddings. Here's a look at my setup, including a little closeup with some of my newer designs.

On Sunday, I braved some super gusty winds and took a little bit of time to explore. I took a quick spin around the Strip District where I had a delicious sweet potato scone from this little bakery at the public market.

And then I wandered the streets of the hipster 'hood of Lawrenceville.   

I was a bit early for Wild Card, where I was dying to have a look, but the owner, Rebecca, saw me out front snapping a photo and came out to invite me in though the store didn't open for another hour. How darn nice is that? And I am so glad she did because the place is a goldmine of handmade crafty goodness! 

I loved the look of these chairs in the window at a gallery opening on Friday night. I can't wait for another excuse to head to Pittsburgh — there is so much more to explore!


  1. Looks like you had a great trip to Pittsburgh! I love your photos! Can't wait til you come to Indy to hang out! Can't believe you had snow today! We had a lovely 70 degree day here.

  2. Me, too! Me, too! Can't wait for Indy — I posted a snap of a snowman on FB just for you!