Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One little red fox from one little red fox

This little fellow was on the front page of Etsy yesterday and I just can't stop thinking about him. Made by OneLittleRedFox, I love the variety of textures and patterns this young French artist uses. Mr. Fox (James, the geeky red fox, as he is known in the woods) has such a sweet and wise face and the glasses and bow tie take the cake. He is already on his way to some other lucky person's home, but I've got my eye on this shop!


  1. i saw this one, too, and was entranced.

  2. hey!! it's my litte red fox!! ;p I'm really happy you love him!
    Thanks you so much for the lovely link to my shop! You are adorable! ;)

  3. Suzanne — Agreed! I'm totally entranced with him. So sweet.

  4. Lili — thanks for coming to find your little fox. He is quite happy here, though must be even happier in his new home in Australia!