Thursday, August 05, 2010

Maker Faire Detroit 2010

As promised — finally some photos from last weekends Motor City Maker Faire at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. Start looking for details for next year's Faire because it is really a sight to see! You can also check out the Detroit Maker Faire Flickr pool, join the Detroit Maker Faire Facebook page, and a nice roundup at Boing, boing.

The sign pretty much says it all!

Life-sized mouse trap board game. You can support this fantastic attraction (as well as a whole slew of crafty projects) over at Kickstarter.

And last but not least… Chris of Detroit GT shows off his wares from a revamped bread truck!!


  1. lots of great pics! i didn't really get a chance to walk around much so... it's nice to see some photos.

  2. I only got to walk around in the wee hours before everything got going — though I did catch the last showing of the life-sized mousetrap on Sunday!