Monday, April 26, 2010

Cutting it up in the kitchen

Yesterday the boy and I learned how to carve it up in the kitchen. Rebecca Pelletier Doyle, an Old Pine Farm CSA member and student at Schoolcraft Culinary School, volunteered to run a workshop on cooking with chicken. Every month we receive a whole chicken from the farm and while I could, in theory, hack it up into bits, this class showed us how to do so with grace. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but we did learn how to get the most meat off the bones intact and ready for cooking. Rebecca also demonstrated a few recipes along the way.

The class started with quite a few looks like this. What the…? Huh?!

But Rebecca was very patient, giving us great tips and technique.

Somehow, we even managed to do this.

The lesson included frenching the breast, finding the oyster and lopping off wings. Need I say more?! Thanks so much to Rebecca — and to Kris of Old Pine Farm for organizing it!


  1. You are in another league, my friend. I buy mine in pre-cut packages. Looks like a great class! xo Pam

  2. We're trying to save a little money and buying chickens whole seems to be cheaper!!