Friday, April 30, 2010

An American Icon: Stanley Thermos

Stanley Thermos
Who knew Stanley was so iconic? Certainly when I sat down to draw the thermos we use every day for coffee, I admired its classic design. But I had no idea it was such an icon and that the feeling was so pervasive. I've had so many people squeal a little and say, "That's exactly the thermos my dad carried/carries to work." At first I thought it was a Midwest thing, but I've since had orders from Seattle and beyond, with a "That's the exact thermos we have in our office."

I did a quick Google search for Stanley this morning and lo and behold, I received confirmation of his iconic stature: You can now buy a Stanley thermos at
Design Within Reach for $42 — or the same Stanley thermos at Larry's Pistol and Pawn for $20.90. (Leading me to ask, of course, design within who's reach? But that's a-whole-nother discussion for another day.) Perhaps I should write and see if either shop would like a print to hang above their Stanley display. If you're a DWR executive, or Larry, feel free to pick up a print here in my Etsy shop! Whaddya think?

Have a wonderful weekend! If your in Flint, stop by and check out the Flint Handmade spring craft market. And I'll be back next week with some tasty treats from the kitchen — promise!

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