Thursday, April 01, 2010

Bloesem Kids Banner redesign: Part II

Yay! My design is one of the finalists for the Bloesem kids banner redesign I mentioned on Friday. Won't you go have a look (and perhaps cast your vote with a comment, hint, hint. I'm entry #2. ) at the entries and let Irene know what you think?! She's got a tough choice in front of her. I am loving the design below by Homemade Happiness. Isn't it sweet?!


  1. Saw you win 2nd prize on Bloesem Kids! Wow, very hard to select finalists for that contest as you're all so talented! Congratulations... I am so glad I didn't have to choose a winner cuz it would have been too difficult. Gorgeous illustrations! I'm a fan already. : )

  2. Just saw this as I just saw your post on MICE today. Congrats!!! I love that blog and your design is wonderful:-)

  3. Melissa Stucky5:47 PM

    I happened to be checking out my favorite blog (Bloesem) and noticed your sweet design. Congrats. I thought it was awesome.
    My girls and i just recently bought one of your cards at the Blue House.
    Your drawings are great. Welcome to town.
    Melissa Stucky
    sorry I don't have a blog...too much time ;)

  4. Hi Melissa! I love it when connections work like that: through someone as wonderful as Irene at Bloesem all the way over there in Malaysia, to right here in our back yard at the Blue House. Thanks so much for the welcome.

  5. And thank you so much to Chantale and Jannie! I agree, I would not have wanted to have to pick between all those submissions — they were each so beautiful.