Monday, March 29, 2010

Road trips on my mind

Road trip poster by Delicious Design League

I'm a sucker for a road trip. Open maps flapping in the wind, sunglasses on, hair flying, bare legs sticking to vinyl, radio blaring. Bear with me while I cling to my outdated vision. Sigh. But boy oh boy, do I have road trips on the brain right now.

"I Just May" by gingerlovesart on Etsy
Ginger's lovely description: One summer road trip that involved a lot of driving, a lot of stopping, a lot of photo-taking and a lot of smooching.

The boy and I took a drive down to South Bend, Indiana on Saturday. We took the scenic route passing through wonderfully old-timey towns filled with crumbling old theaters, more brick than I expected and tons of junk stores that I was dying to root through. But we were on a mission. We didn't make any stops. We were on this trip for a particular purpose - a very certain purpose. Since moving to Ann Arbor a good year and a half ago, a bicycle and my little feets have been my main modes of transportation. But on Saturday, this fateful Saturday, we drove to South Bend to look at a lovely new car. For me. To drive. Yay. We're headed back this weekend to pick it up. And the whole way there and back I will do nothing but dream of road trips.


  1. Love this drawing- is it yours? What kind of car? Please post a photo.

  2. Isn't that poster the best?!?! not mine — it's from the Delicious Design League. Will post car photo once we pick it up!!