Thursday, March 18, 2010

Come do arts and crafts with me

I was at a party recently with a friend who was wearing knee-high black leather boots with a sizeable heel. After a few drinks, someone made the suggestion that she was wearing "Come f*@%! me" boots. After a bit of stammering and gasping, she thrust her arm out pointing down at my colorful, chunky clown-like shoes (artfully shown above) and said, "Then what are those?"

Without missing a beat, he replied,"They're 'Come do arts and crafts with me' shoes."

Hey, what can I say? My shoes may not be sexy, but at least my message is consistent. Because that's my message for you today: Come do arts and crafts with me. Literally.

I'll be teaching a two-hour Intro to Knitting workshop on Friday, April 23 from 7-9 p.m. at the Blue House in Ann Arbor. We'll be making funky, modern accessories like a sassy knitted cuff or reusable sleeve for your coffee cup. I'll show you how to cast on, knit, check your gauge and cast off. We may not get quite as sassy as the cuff seen above by Dull Roar on Etsy, but I'll show you the skills to do just that. You might even pursuade me to teach you to purl if the group is game. Now doesn't that sound risqué?! The class is just $26 and includes yarn as well as a set of needles to take home. We've only got room for six students, so head on over to the Blue House website and sign up now.

And when you get to the Blue House, you'll know me by my shoes!


  1. haha.. That sounds like an awkward situation lol.
    Good luck on your workshop! (:

  2. I love that your shoes said that. :) Sorry to be missing your knitting class, it sounds like it is going to be fun! :) Happy weekend - xo Pam

  3. Thank you both -- it should be fun! Happy weekend and happy spring!!

  4. I miss are so you...Nicole arts and crafts and fabulous recipe diva!

  5. Just shot them an email to sign up Nicole! Look forward to meeting you :)

  6. Hey Lindsay!
    I'm pretty sure the class is full, but we're working on scheduling a second one. I'm sure Siobhan at the Blue House will fill you in — but yes! I look forward to meeting you, too!