Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flitting from the rafters

I couldn't help myself. I saw this gorgeous mobile from Royal Buffet's shop on the front page of Etsy a while back and had to have it. I love all of the cut paper pieces in this shop — they are really beautiful and intricate. I was so curious to see how they are put together. It took a couple of weeks to arrive and I was getting quite anxious for it to appear. Mollie Greene who is Royal Buffet is based in Greenville, SC where my brother lives. I was tempted to send him over to knock on her door. Given the intricate nature of all the paper pieces Mollie is making — and the popularity of her shop, I can understand why it did take so long. It was so worth the wait. I have even more respect for her after trying to photograph the mobile — it wouldn't stop flitting about! You can see more of this talented woman's photos in her charming, and charmingly-named, blog: Fresh Milk Delivered Daily. I hope you'll check out this shop and blog and enjoy them as much as I do.

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