Monday, May 18, 2009

Yes, you CAN grow corn here

The boy and I are about to embark on the Grand Apartment Garden experiment. We both dream of a large garden (i.e. farm) on our multi-acre property of woods and fields and streams and dappled sunlight… aaahhh… but alas, we currently live in a second-floor apartment with a large balcony-type area (it runs along the front of the building motel-style).

Our experiment involves no less than eight three-foot long planters to be dangled from our railings. We started a few things from seed, including jalapeno peppers, chives, parsley, basil and a couple of other herbs that didn't do so well. We then went to the Ann Arbor Farmers' market last weekend and picked up a full range of other little plantlings: cilantro, mint, two kinds of thyme, rosemary, dill, snap peas, bibb lettuce, lavender, strawberries. And some corn. That's right, we will be attempting to grow corn right here on our little balcony with a big old overhang. Or at least somewhere on the property. I also have some carrot and radish and zinnia seeds to get going. The boy is on a sunflower mission. That said, with eight boxes to fill, as well as a few miscellaneous planters here and there, we've got some more planting and planning to do.


  1. Is the balcony strong enough to hold all that? I hope so.....

  2. Hey Nicole, I've got almost an acre in Munith, if you felt like making the commute once a week or so, you could grow anything you like there. :-)

  3. BE, I think the balcony will hold — we'll see. And thanks so much for the offer, Jo! I think I'll try out the old balcony since I'm usually without the truck — but I'll still come visit! Feel free to partake in the harvest when you're around.