Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The start of summer

It was so nice to get away into the woods this weekend. Everything slowed way down and we had plenty of long walks, time around the fire, barbecue and perfect weather! I was on a mission to find morels, but to no avail. It was quite dry, and some people said that they couldn't be found in the area. But that didn't keep me from looking!

I did find these beauties. Luckily there is a mushroom identifying book at the cabin and I learned that these are "false morels" or brain mushroom. Poisonous! I should have known since they were right in the middle of the path. It would have been nice if Sam's grandma could have been there since she is something of a mushroom expert. She even discovered a new species of mushroom (or possibly cucumber, no one was quite sure) in Mexico and so it is named for her. I'm sure she could show me a thing or two in the woods around the cabin. Ah well, I've heard that Bird Hills here in Ann Arbor is a good place to look. Perhaps sometime this week I'll find a morel…

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  1. WOW- a strange looking shroom! Glad you had some marvelous down time.