Friday, May 29, 2009

Brought to you by the letter P

I just can't get enough of peonies and poppies. Both are in bloom right now, along with the rhododendrons, allium, columbine, clematis, wisteria, irises… the neighborhood is just bursting with color and sweet scents.

The Nichols Arboretum in town has a peony garden with 27 beds of glorious peonies that I'm dying to see — I'm just trying to time it perfectly so I don't miss them!

I just can't seem to capture the red of the poppies. They look so orange-y in my photos, but really they are a much softer, more appealing red.

I will be busy this weekend getting ready for MICE at the Ann Arbor Artisan Market next Sunday… and getting out to see the flowers! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your pictures are just beautiful! Hope you are having a great weekend.

  2. Beautiful photos - I love them, too.

  3. Thank you Pam and Summer. I had DID have a lovely weekend — hope you both did, too!

  4. Beautiful Peonies. Verderber Nursery has some gorgeous tree peonies