Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can you say "yoborobo"?

A lovely, lovely package arrived by post yesterday — WAY ahead of schedule. How tempting does this look? Not one, but two gift-wrapped items. What could they be? Well… the boy and I fell head over heels for these guys made by the incredibly talented Pam of Yoborobo.

Wesley and Chet
Say hello to Chet and Wesley. According to Yoborobo, "During the week, Wesley teaches math at the University. After all, rabbits like to multiply. Chet always plays poker on Fridays nights with the guys. He usually wins, because no one can tell what he's thinking. They think he has an amazing poker face, but really, it's the only way Chet knows how to look. " They are both adjusting well to their new surroundings — all shyness and good manners. But I feel, lurking just below the surface, that there may be trouble ahead…. Please go see this motley collection of wonderful characters in the yoborobo shop here.

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