Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"But then I became a special event…"

You just never know where you and your work will show up on these crazy world wide interwebs. I was trolling through my Google Analytics data this morning trying to find out why I had a lot of traffic to my Etsy shop yesterday. And while I wasn't able to figure it out, I did find that a few days ago, my rain boot was featured on a Czech blog on the Fler.cz site and brought quite a bit of traffic. I also found out that Google can translate pages for you, though they may need to brush up on their Czech skills. Here is the translation:

Dancing in the Rain
Today I am astonished you-instead of order out spring, so there mysteriously appeared a little snow and it covered me.
But then I became a special event. Waiting for the tram, and protecting people zachumlaní before pršosněhem, heap umbrellas. And then the fight started at the two ladies. Well, read the administration, ladies. Just pani and around fifty, fashion clothing. A knocking is open deštníkama: o). It was very comical, and they had people smile and forget about the rain and snow vystrkovaly necks to see better.

I do not know why you ladies liked, I do not know whether they knew it was a rough deštníkové balancing the accounts of the past, or just neschoda about who goes first. However, it was ridiculous. Frequently, the fight that results are ridiculous, but we do not see.

Sometimes máchám umbrella and ubližuju people around him. Not on purpose, but because it is through the sulfur-see. So probably I dance in the rain in tunicates: o).

Have a nice day: o).

You get the gist, I think?! We, too, had an out of order spring event of snow on Sunday. Anyway, it's fun to see where you land and to read about the woman who wrote this fun account of umbrella wars. She has an online shop called MamaZoo (how fun?!) and is a graphic designer and mom living in Prague.

Well, read the administration, ladies. I'm off to dance in the rain in tunicates :o)

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