Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rye humor

When I was in elementary school, I thought the lyrics to the Rolling Stones' Start Me Up were: "And you can call me rye!" (Actual lyrics: Don't make a grown man cry… close, non?) I guess I was destined for the kitchen… Anyway, in honor of my youthful ear, I will tell you about the rye bread I baked this past weekend. The recipe is from Baking with Julia. It had all kinds of weird steps including hanging the dough in slings (why didn't I take pictures of that?!?) and odd shaping techniques involving hospital corners: I should have known to venture no further at that one. (The book is great — I have had great success with recipes, but…) The loaves look pretty lovely and have a great texture, but just don't have a really nice strong rye taste. There's no doubting that it's rye, but it's a bit mild. I just did a search to find another recipe to try and found these lovely beauties over at pete bakes. That recipe will definitely be my next rye attempt.

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  1. I just caught up with all of your posts. I just giggled at the whole lyric thing. I do that all the time still. My husband just laughs. How fun that you were able to have the Joe Sorren experience. I have followed his work since a little after high school. He is so talented, and I am glad to know he is truly as down to earth as I always perceived him to be. Love all your work and can't wait to see some up and coming work.