Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Inspiration: Jo Oakley

'Through her eyes'
Mixed media on canvas 176x96cm 

I saw this painting on Pinterest this morning and immediately went looking for more. I found my way to the artists's web site and discovered a whole collection of paintings one more gorgeous than the next. This is the work of London-based artist, Jo Oakley. I am fully in love and so want to be able to see these in person. Her artist statement went right through my heart. 

'The calm before the storm'

mixed media on canvas 120x100cm

'Tin table and snowdrops'
mixed media on canvas 80x80cm

'Forget me not'
mixed media on canvas 152x91cm 

'She is waiting'
Mixed media 152x91cm

'He's on his way'
Mixed media on linen


  1. I love these, too! Thanks for the introduction!

  2. So beautiful... and what's weird to me is that it looks like furniture, images, etc that would be at YOUR house and in some ways it reminds me of your drawing style too! :)

    1. I agree, Cheryl! It's like she cracked open my brain and peered inside.