Friday, July 26, 2013

Lilla Rogers class and contest

As I mentioned briefly here, I recently took an intensive five-week online course with illustration rep, Lilla Rogers. The course really got my creative engine revving. She challenged us, pushed us, encouraged us and really made us stretch. It was an incredibly talented and supportive group in the class and I'm still reeling from the amount of information conveyed in such a short stretch of time.

Each week was focused on a different segment of the illustration market: Bolt Fabric, Home Decor, Picture Books, Wall Art and Gift. Here's a look at my five weeks worth of assignments:

Immediately after the course, Lilla launched a Global Talent Search. The winner receives a two-year contract with her agency, as well as a slew of other deals and goodies. Below is a look at the journal I created for the first assignment of the GTS.

Though doubtful of my chances given the amazing talent in the class I just completed, fingers crossed that mine is among the fifty to make it through the first round. Announcements on Thursday, August 1!


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  1. Snail with mustache! I'd read that book. I loved how the cover turned out.

    And that plate! Pretty.