Monday, January 21, 2013

A day at the zoo

I firmly believe everyone should—on a regular basis—take a day off to visit the zoo. I took advantage of a sunny afternoon last week to do just that. I'd never been to the Detroit Zoo and had to be in the area that morning. I figured it would count as "reasearch," yes? Being winter, there were very few visitors. The air was crisp and cold, but the sun was a constant ally. You can't help but come away from an afternoon like that with a smile plastered on your face. … and a deep desire to have your very own red panda.

The tiger looked regal as could be. He marched around and even roared a bit. Though he looked like he could use a friend.

The lemurs were super cuddly and especially playful.

While the meerkat stared straight out to say, what the *#!?&* are you looking at, lady?
 You don't often see the backside of a peacock, do you? It's gorgeous in its own right.

This fellow got his lady friend knocked up. She was in the next room over with a January 28 due date. I can't wait to come back to visit the baby giraffe!

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