Friday, November 02, 2012

Pez Visitor Center

As promised, I'm back with more photos from my stop at the Pez Factory Visitor Center in Orange, CT. They opened the center about a year ago, though the factory has been in that location just off of I-95 for decades. The center has an impressive collection showcasing the largest public display of Pez memorabilia in the world, including the world's largest Pez dispenser, views onto the Pez production line, cases of Pez and Pez dispensers embedded in the floor, amusing vintage Pez advertisements and displays. So much fun and color! Have a look around … 


  1. This is crazy!!

    Also, I have a mini Pez collection, sort of forced on me by Mom. But, alas, I still have many of them.

    1. I veered across three lanes of high-speed traffic when I saw the sign — crazy good! : )