Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Book Business Tuesday: The Tablet

I was reluctant to join the e-reader scene, to say the least. Kicking and screaming comes to mind. But I was given an Android tablet for my birthday this summer, and I have to say I've adapted. Words on paper will always be my first choice, but I really am glad to have this option. I still have a huge stack of library books on my bedstand (and desk and coffee table), but now I can also check out e-books for those times I have a whim or didn't plan ahead or don't want to wait for a library hold. And since it is a tablet, I can use it for all kinds of other fun things, like reading blogs in bed. And who knew there was a whole world of handmade accessories out there?

I ordered this super sweet padded case from Symbiosis by Julie on Etsy. The fabric choices in this shop are pitch perfect. It was difficult to narrow down my choice to just one. She got me with the alligators though—it was the last of its kind. Isn't it a gem? It really feels like back to school round here.

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