Thursday, September 06, 2012

Big Spoon Roasters

I am such a sucker for packaging. I'm pretty sure that's probably what got me to mail order peanut butter!?! I saw a brief write-up for Big Spoon Roasters in Bon Appetit—along with a cookie recipe—and click, click, clicked my way through to two jars of heavenly goodness. Curses to the 21st century because now I am addicted.

Based in Durham, NC, Big Spoon makes artisanal, hand-crafted nut butters laced with the perfect trace of sweetness from wildflower honey. I ordered the Peanut (my favorite of the two) and Peanut Pecan. I will not divulge how long they lasted in the house.

A dear friend from Ann Arbor moved to Chapel Hill for the summer, so of course I pointed her to the Big Spoon. She rewarded me by delivering two jars on a recent return visit. I can't wait to try the Peanut Cocoa—so new it's not even listed on their web site.

But who will be my next mule?!?


  1. Mmm I'm tempted now! The peanut cocoa one sounds amazing. And that is some pleasing packaging.

  2. it is SO yummy — and I just found out they are in the running for Martha Stewart's American Made contest. Yay!!! Vote here: