Wednesday, August 08, 2012

In the weeds … 

Now what is this we have going on here? What your looking at is the growing pile of muck the boy and I have been pulling out of the lake. We're trying to clear the weeds to make a nice sandy swimming area. The pile was already started when we moved into the house — it looked eerily like a fresh grave. Eh. Not knowing where else we could put the stuff, we just started adding to it.

It was also our designated compost area for a brief period, until we decided we didn't like looking at it from the deck and moved it around the side of the house. So most recently we've just been adding what is some of the finest, most fertile soil around … 

Tomatoes! Our weeds and muck and more have sprouted a healthy, hearty tomato plant with lots of fruit and buds. Hooray for fertile grounds!

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