Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A wardrobe in rainbows

This past weekend I watched a wonderful tearjerker of a movie called A Shine of Rainbows. Apparently it was big on the festival circuit in 2009, but this was the first I'd heard of it. It is a touching story about a shy, lonely orphan finding his way and the spirit of life through the enthusiasm and love of his adoptive mother. But the main reason I am posting about it here today, is the brilliantly colored rainbow of clothing worn by Connie Nielsen's character, the mother. It is just so charming and bright, bold and vivid. In the first scene where her character is introduced she lights the entire screen. It makes me yearn for much more color in my wardrobe and I am making an effort in that direction!

 And, of course, there is the boy in Wellies who befriends a seal -- I should have known I was a goner.


  1. Sounds lovely. I just grabbed it from my local library. ;)

  2. Don't forget a big box of tissues!

  3. Beautiful- check out the new J.Crew catalogue- such color!

    1. Oh my goodness — you're so right! I want ALL those colors of ballet flats and sweaters in all of those colors, too! Of course, I saw a lovely sweatshirt, that I liked in grey — what?!?!? It comes in hot pink!