Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Garden & Gun love

I don't know what started it or how I landed there, but I've been combing through the Garden & Gun web site for three days now. I've never seen the print magazine, nor had I even heard of it. But now, I'm hooked. I've had multiple tabs open and keep obsessively returning to them throughout the day. There is a wonderful piece about Wendell Berry, seen above, by Erik Reese. It is a lovely meandering essay that spans six internet pages. Unheard of, right? Most welcome.

And then, in contrast, I skip over and check out the 50 best Southern bars or the 50 best Southern foods—and watch a video on how to make the perfect Rum Swizzle. I'm telling you, Garden & Gun has the best variety of content with excellent writing, photography and design. I'm in love.

And then, just when I thought I'd had enough, I discovered these beautiful Southern-made items:

The Iron Scissor Collection
from The Old Wood Co. in Asheville, NC 

Bourbon barrel table and stool
from Jason Cohen Wood Artisan in Louisville, KY

Lawrence Pulley
from Machine Shop Lighting in Austin, TX

Convinced yet?


  1. Love Garden and Gun- I discovered it about 3 weeks ago- I thought it was a joke- but not at all- the Town & Country magazine of the South!!! Great photos- writing and recipes!

  2. Apparently the woman who started it was previously the publisher of The New Yorker which explains a lot!