Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Handmade Arcade superstar: Malagueta

All photos from Malagueata

I spent this past Saturday as a vendor at the Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh and had a blast. This show brings such a fun and enthusiastic crowd. I was on my own so didn't get to do much shopping, but I was lucky enough to be unloading my car next to the lovely Rachel Sherman of Malagueta. I spied her clothing racks filled to the edges with gorgeously stitched skirts and shirts and dresses. I could hardly keep myself from dropping all my bins and running over to touch them all. Late in the day I had a chance to run away from my table (with one eye over my shoulder the whole time) to get a closer look, but sadly didn't have time to try anything on. Rachel's designs are so right up my alley. The geometric patterns and stitching combined with luscious materials and gorgeous color palette rock. I am coveting…

A little about Malagueta and Rachel Sherman from her web site: Rachel is inspired by foliage, architecture, fruits, vegetables, insects, and machinery. Malagueta, in Portuguese, describes a tiny, hot red pepper that grows in Brazil, where her mother was born and Sherman has spent much time. Her lively interpretations of color and pattern pay homage to her passion for nature and music.

It looks like Rachel has an Etsy shop but doesn't have it stocked yet, but you can see more online here. If you're lucky enough to be anywhere near either of two upcoming events Malagueta will be at — run! Get yourselves there!

Galbraith and Paul Sample Sale 
December 3
Philadelphia, PA

SoWa Holiday Market
December 10
Boston, MA 


  1. OOH! I love those skirts too! I'm a big fan of stitching/embroidery on clothing as well. Have you ever seen the skirts at Boden? I love them! I haven't bought any but I've saved several pics for inspiration. I'd like to do a sewing project like that with my Mom since I'm not the savvy with the sewing machine and she's a whiz! Do you sew Nicole??

  2. Aren't they gorgeous?! I have ordered a thing or two from Boden, but the quality hasn't been very good. This lady is rockin it!! I sew just a tiny bit — certainly not enough to pull this off! Maybe one day. I wanna see what you make!!

  3. Maybe we could get my Mom to do a sewing project with us together? Or, maybe just have her make us some skirts. LMAO! :o) If we found a pattern we liked we could do the design-y part ourselves. :o)