Monday, October 10, 2011

Northern water views

Last weekend the boy and I were headed up to Toronto to visit some friends for several days. I was looking forward to glorious urban wandering, leisurely sipping coffee here and there, maybe taking in some art. But mostly wandering. At the last minute, we got the call that we were being whisked off for a lake retreat instead — and let me tell you, while I was sad to miss the urban wanderings, the weekend, setting and company was perfection! Apologies for not filling you in sooner, but it's been crazy hectic around here these days. I'll have plenty of updates soon, but thought I would start with a few water views and sunsets.

I spent this most recent weekend as a vendor at Liberty Local at the Ann Arbor Art Center and had a wonderful time. I'll have a few photos, highlights and new finds for you tomorrow. Until then…

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