Friday, July 29, 2011

Longshot: The Magazine

What are you doing this afternoon? In just four short hours, the theme will be announced for Issue Two of Longshot magazine. Then, over the following 48-hour period, creative people from here there and everywhere will come together over the interwebs to make a magazine from start to finish. As it says on the Longshot site:

"We need writers, photographers, illustrators, videographers, information designers, editors, proof readers, fact checkers, baristas, chefs, bartenders, and carpenters. (Especially bartenders). We want submissions ranging from 140 characters to 4,000 words. Please send us your strongly reported narratives, design fictions, interviews, data visualizations, cartoons, family portraits, how-to guides, maps, obscure histories, recipes, war reporting, photo-essays, blueprints, ships’ logs, scientific papers, charticles, wood cuts, curio boxes, product reviews, and box scores. 

We want you to make it. We want to publish it first. We don’t want your rights."

Submissions are accepted for twenty-four hours after the theme is announced and then the next 24 hours are used to put together the magazine which is then published at noon on Sunday (PST). 

Depending on the theme, I'm considering putting together a drawing to submit. Looking at the past two issues, it seems that writing is the focus and that the art is directly related to articles submitted, so I'm not exactly sure how that all works, but it sounds fun nonetheless. So writers write, photographers photograph, and illustrators illustrate — and then let's all get together and send them in to make a fab mag. 

Let's get creative this Friday afternoon!

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