Tuesday, February 08, 2011

If I knew your were comin'…

I'd a baked this cake…Doesn't it look scrumptious? It's upside-down pear gingerbread and it's the whole reason I bought my first cast iron skillet. I was hosting my family for a post-Christmas January get-together back in the late 90s and this was probably the very first cake I made on my own. It was perfect! People raved! It was moist and dark and perfectly spiced! And then I filed away the recipe for years. I delved deep into the files this past weekend and pulled it out to make for a friend's very un-Super Bowl Lasangathon party. I was really excited to recreate the wonder. Let me tell you: this time, meh. That's right. Big flop. Wah… so sad. Dry, not perfectly spiced… meh. So I decided not to share the recipe just yet. I know, such a tease! But, instead, I will share this other cake-related wonderment I saw for the first time last week (via Design*Sponge). I think you'll really like it even if you can't taste it.

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