Thursday, January 27, 2011

White Nights exhibition

There is a small gallery show at the University of Michigan's Institute for Humanities. It's called White Nights and according to the brochure is the collaborative work of Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz who created it after moving from Brooklyn to a rural area of Pennsylvania. The work makes me picture them huddled together on their couch within a big farmhouse at night, large pieces of furniture shoved up against the windows and doors, lights ablaze. That said, it is a wonderfully, beautiful show. A collection of large snow globes is at the center playing out quietly alarming narratives. These are surrounded by large photographs of similar landscapes, with equally stark, lush and startling stories to tell. 
The show runs through March 16th, culminating with a reading that night by Jonathan Lethem of his story "The Traveler Home," inspired by this work. I would encourage you to drop in and have a look. You can also see more of the work of Martin and Muñoz on their web site here.

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