Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Hit the ground running…

Been crazy running, running, running to get a project shipped out today… and I made it—just barely! That's a little peak (tee, hee) at it above, though I'm saving the details for you until next week…

Yesterday I shipped off 450 penguins, 100 Wellies, 30 masked birds, 120 mittens and a couple other items. Whew! It's a busy, busy fun time in the studio these days, so it's a good thing I made a yummy quick bread over the weekend to fuel me through. I'll have that recipe for you tomorrow! 


  1. I love seeing all of the cards and gift tags all boxed, packaged and ready to go. It's such a good feeling isn't it! :o) See you on Saturday!

  2. Yes, definitely a good feeling!!! See you Saturday!